Opportunity for APHG Teachers to Travel to South Korea

Alliance Coordinators are invited to nominate APHG teachers affiliated with your Alliance to participate in a fully funded conference and field study to South Korea. Travel dates are June 21-29, 2016. The application deadline for Alliance-affiliated APHG teachers is February 1, 2016, after which the opportunity will be opened to other APHG teachers.

The topics addressed during the field study include borders, territory, and naming issues, and complement most directly the APHG Political Unit, along with experiences that will enable teachers to enrich human and cultural content of APHG. Each participant is expected to make a presentation, serve on a panel, or be a respondent during a one-day conference with South Korean teachers and university faculty members.

The opportunity for ACs to nominate teachers is a way to recognize and reward APHG teachers who have been actively associated with your Alliance, and to provide a rich professional development and international field study experience.

Please contact two or three of your APHG teachers and ask if they are interested and can meet the dates and other criteria regarding Alliance affiliation. The 2016 delegation of U.S. teachers will be the seventh to participate in this highly successful and engaging conference and field study.

Send your nominations along with the APHG teacher's email address to stoltman@wmich.edu.

- Joe Stoltman, Michigan Alliance Coordinator

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