Bringing the Importance of Geography to Washington D.C.

As Barack Obama has settled in his second term as the President of the United States, Congress is once again in full swing and dealing with issues that are presented to them from all over the country. One of these, which strikes home to the Maine Geographic Alliance, is the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act.

This act, which will be  proposed to congress later in the year, has a major focus on the importance of geography in comparison to other subjects in the realm of academics. While Geography has always been acknowledged as a "core academic subject", this funding that it receives is minimal in comparison to other subjects. In order to increase the importance of Geography education, this Act is attempting to provide more opportunities to school and institutions with funding and grant proposals. To check out more information on this act as well as see how it is making strides towards becoming approved, follow this link


The idea of Geo-Literacy and the importance of geography education is the fundamental value of the Maine Geographic Alliance. By passing this Act, geography education can make leaps and bounds. To get an understanding of how important it is, check out these videos on geo-literacy:

If you would like to voice you opinion on the matter, the Maine Geographic Alliance is more than willing to hear your story and show Congress how important Geography is to education. Feel free to contact us----the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act has over 14,000 letters, and the more the better. Please email us with an information you would like to share in regards to creating more opportunities for Geography in education.


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The mission of the Maine Geographic Alliance is to expand and improve geographic education from Pre-Kindergarten through University by assisting educators with high-quality geographic materials, lessons, and workshops for implementing Maine's learning results. 



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